Display all intelli-bit geometry formats. No more, no less.


Works for all intelli-bit geometry formats:
  • Drawing (.i3Cad)
  • Part (.i3Part)
  • Plate (.i3Plate)
  • Nesting plan (.i3NcRaw)

Drag & Drop

It is so easy. Drag&drop your geometry files from Windows Explorer into the application window and i3XmlGeoViewer automatically displays the geometry.

For developers

Should you wish to incorporate i3XmlGeoViewer into your own applications? Feel free to contact us, we also have this module as a plugin with a simple API for you ...

Download & prices

i3XmlGeoViewer 1.18
i3XmlGeoViewer 1.18 (portable)
Display all intelli-bit geometry formats.
Portable installation: All files will be installed into one directory. The application needs read/write access to that directory.
Ideal for application on a USB memory stick.

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