Display all intelli-bit geometry formats. No more, no less.

Drag & Drop

It is so easy. Drag & drop your geometry files from the Windows Explorer into the application window and i3XmlGeoViewer automatically displays the geometry.


Works for all intelli-bit geometry formats:
  • Drawing (.i3Cad)
  • Part (.i3Part)
  • Plate (.i3Plate)
  • Nesting plan (.i3NcRaw)

For Developers

Should you wish to incorporate i3XmlGeoViewer into your own applications? Feel free to contact us, we also have this module as a plugin with a simple API for you ...

Download & prices

i3XmlGeoViewer 1.18
i3XmlGeoViewer 1.18 (portable)
Display all intelli-bit geometry formats.
Portable installation: All files will be installed into one directory. The application needs read/write access to that directory.
Ideal for application on a USB memory stick.

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