Small, fast, intuitive: The CAD solution for sheet metal forming.


Whatever you can create using a compass or ruler, with i3Cad it can be done even easier. Whether it is lines, arcs, circles, rays or texts, i3Cad will simplify the construction. Using colors and layers you prepare the import of the drawing in the CAM system, measurements and a correct scale print perfectly finish off the construction.

Convenient Functions

You will get accustomed to the convenient functions provided by i3Cad so quickly, that you will never want to miss them again. Whether it is the intelligent snap mode, or editing of objects, bevelling or creating fillets, moving, rotating, mirroring or scaling: Soon you will not ever want to miss any of these useful features again.

Scan & Draw

The option package "Scan&Draw" allows you to draw or trace picture templates from pixel graphics or directly from your scanner. It is a quick way to produce an approximate drawing – ideal for price quotes for customers. Without extra construction expenditure you can approximately calculate cutting meter and material consumption.


The option package "Macros" offers you a powerful repository for creating variations. With this package you can create often recurring parts quickly and safely simply by adjusting the parameters.

For Developers

Should you wish to incorporate i3Cad into your own applications? Feel free to contact us: We also provide a simple to use API for this module as a plugin ...


LT Edition
PRO Edition


CAD application for 2D sheet metal forming.
Portable installation: All files will be installed into one directory. The application needs read/write access to that directory.
Ideal for application on a USB memory stick.
240 EUR
Additional Option Scan & Draw
Digitalization of picture and scan templates.
380 EUR
Additional Option Macros
Extensive and expandable Macro repository to create variations.
380 EUR
All prices excluding the VAT (value added tax)

After you install i3Cad you receive the light (LT) edition. This edition does not permit you to save or export drawings. Upon legal licensing, this application gets upgraded to the unlimited PRO edition.

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