From CAD drawing to G-code in only 3 clicks.

CAD import

Import your CAD drawing in the DXF or our i3Cad format.
i3CadToNc automatically detects outer and inner contours. Gaps in the cutting and marking paths are intelligently closed. Upon request, i3CadToNc creates lead-in and run-out using optimized strategies according to type and size of contour.


Leave it up to i3CadToNc to nest your parts: For this you have two options. Either by way of "matrix", where you determine the number of rows and columns, or by "count", where you specify the width and length of the plate and the count of parts.

Your maschine

Every machine is different, that is why i3CadToNc is equipped with modern postprocessors. This way, you can create NC code in the common DIN/ISO (G-code) or ESSI format for plasma, laser, or oxyfuel cutting machines, as well as for waterjet cutting. Should your machine require something special, we will supply the adaption quickly and professionally.


LT Edition
PRO Edition


From the CAD drawing to the NC program.
Portable installation: All files will be installed into one directory. The application needs read/write access to that directory.
Ideal for application on a USB memory stick.
490 EUR
You need a special NC output for your machine?
We will develop a postprocessor to your specifications quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price.
on request
All prices excluding the VAT (value added tax)

When you install the i3CadToNc you receive the light (LT) edition. This edition distorts, by a random factor, the created NC files upon output. These NC programs therefore are not dimensionally stable. Upon legal licensing, the application gets upgraded to the PRO edition without this limitation.

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