Nest parts, create G-code.

Parts by drag & drop

You drag & drop your part drawings into the workspace or create them directly from the integrated CAD module or choose one from the Macros. Our intelligent alogrithms detect tool paths and recognize inner and outer contours automatically. Lead-ins and run-outs are placed accordingly. You layout the parts on the plate as you wish – i3Nest makes sure the necessary distances are respected. With one click of the mouse you produce NC code for your cutting machine.
Drag & Drop Parts

Lead-ins and run-outs

You just define some settings and i3Nest does the rest. An intelligent algorithm determines the best position for the lead-in and run-out. Their lengths are adapted when needed. It all works automatically. Of course, if you wish, you can also position your lead-in or run-out manually.


Positioning of your parts works so easily with the i3Nest. Intuitively, you move, rotate and duplicate your parts. The automatic collision-control guarantees the necessary distance between the parts so that everything is perfect in the cutting process.

NC code

All it takes to generate the final NC code is one mouse click. We adjust our adaptable postprocessors individually to your machine. Regardless, if it is as G-code (DIN) or ESSI, you will always receive a perfect cutting result.
NC Code


You do not have a drawing of your part? No problem. Simply construct one quickly and easily with the integrated CAD. This system is especially designed to cater to the needs of working with sheet metal. It is so easy you can immediately start working with it.


It is even easier to create your parts with Macros, the variation-constructor for the cutting process. Here, you can choose a macro from a library of almost 100 typical cutting parts, just fill in the appropriate parameters and done!

Part Repository

Once you have created a component, you can always find it in the integrated repository. No need for you to do anything. i3Nest does it all for you in the background. The easy search and filter functions allow you to access all items you have ever created. This saves you lots of work. Just find what you need with i3 Nest.

Process database

i3Nest manages your process data. The database in the background stores all your important parameters for your perfect cutting process. You import the correct information to your material with just one click. Free yourself of all the reference tables on your office desk. Let i3Nest store them for you.

Accompanying documentation

For every NC plan, i3Nest automatically creates the necessary documentation. Here, you and the operator of the machine can get a clear overview of which parts will be processed, how often, as well as a layout of the cutting plan. The information of the type of material and the cutting parameters, all make these papers an indispensable part of the entire process.


LT Edition
PRO Edition


Intuitive nesting system.
2480 EUR
You need a special NC output for your machine?
We will develop a postprocessor to your specifications quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price.
on request
All prices excluding the VAT (value added tax)

When you install the i3Nest you receive the light (LT) edition. This edition distorts, by a random factor, the created NC files upon output. These programs therefore are not dimensionally stable. Upon legal licensing, this application gets upgraded to the unlimited PRO edition.

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